Cheese Please:
Brie en Croute (Baked Brie) Filled with Dried Fruits and Walnuts. Napa Grapes, Rustic Baguette & Crackers. Strawberry Lemonade

Go Nuts:
Assorted Salted and Spiced Nuts ,Chile Lime Assorted Nuts, Trail Mix, Dried Fruits, Dark Chocolate Dip Pretzels

The Big Dipper:
Coriander Hummus with Toasted Seasoned Pita Chips
Caramelized Onion Dip with Ruffle Potato Chips
Pico de Gallo with Rainbow Chips

Health Kick :
Whole Fresh Fruits (apples, oranges and Bananas)
Greek Yogurt Cups topped with Fresh Berries

Candy Store:
Perfect Blend of Sweets to Please Everyone!
Assortment of Snickers, Twix, Granola Bars
Chocolate Covered Pretzel Cigars

Dip It:
Fruit and Berry Kabobs with Yogurt and Honey Dip

3 Way Pop
Buffalo Popcorn with Olive Oil, Hot Sauce and Crumbled Blue Cheese
Kettle Corn Made Fresh
Old Fashioned Popcorn with Butter and Salt