What People Are Saying:

    • Thanks so much for being such an integral part of the success of our
      event this week.
      You are fantastic across the board — cuisine, service,
      attitude, fun, reliability.
      ~ IDEO
    • I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time last night. Everyone
      was so happy to be there and loved the experience and the food.

      You are a great host and have a wonderful staff.
      ~the IDEO Finance Team
    • Absolutely everyone enjoyed the appetizers on Friday night. Each one of
      my friends asked me for your contact information. Everything was very
      very good and delicious. Thank you Florence for making my party the
      best!!!! – Monsterously,
      ~ Monster Cable
    • It was PERFECT! Everyone has commented on how delicious the menu was,
      the venue was perfect, and I was really impressed with your staff.
      all very alert and responsive. The beautiful young woman working
      said “you‘re very welcome” each time I asked for something. So nice!!
    • I just wanted to reiterate our thanks for today‘s event! It was
      all absolutely delicious and the clients were blown away!
      I wish
      I had taken some photos too (damn!) as the presentation was fabulous!
      Until next time!
      ~ IDEO
    • You topped yourself!!! THEY LOVE THE FRESH BLUEBERRY PANCAKES!!!!!!!!
      Several patients are coming to the clinic for breakfast and only
      for the breakfast — because it‘s a good meal. We are making a difference and helping people.
      Great job —wonderful—BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU.
      ~360:The Positive Care Center at UCSF
    • Many, many thanks for delivering a wonderful array of food today.
      ~ Executive Assistant to Ramzi Haidamus
    • That menu Soul of San Antonio was out of this world.
      It was a Great selection of food that flowed really well.
      My clients really enjoyed it and I certainly was surprised
      by the this new menu offering.
      ~ Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    • We wanted me to tell you the catering last week was great. Expecially
      the mac & cheese dish with chicken. Everything looked and tasted good and
      there was plenty of food.
      We usually offer a seminar in San Francisco every
      other year. We will contact you when we offer one again and hope you will
      do the catering. Again, thank you very much.
      ~Financial Accounting Institute
    • Thank you, thank you, thank you for the outstanding
      service and wonderful food you provided to us yesterday!
      Everyone was extremely pleased with your services and food.
      I look forward to working with you again, in the future!
      ~UCSF Fresno LaCMER
    • Today’s lunch was delicious. Participation by our staff is
      excellent–it’s clear they enjoy what you’re doing.
      Please pass
      that along to your staff and keep up the great work!
    • Thank you, again, for putting together another amazing lunch!
      The food was wonderful, and received rave reviews! Everybody really
      enjoyed building their own breakfast burrito. I’m so glad you suggested
      the chile lime watermelon, as it was so delicious!
      ~Nicolas F. – Private Party
    • You and Florence are amazing. It was everything
      we could have wished for and we have you both to thank
      for it! Incredible, pasta bar was a huge success, I have had many
      comments on the pasta and all of the food was outstanding! Fabulous
      event, I will tell everyone who my favorite party gals are!
      ~Susan L. – Private Party
    • Absolutely fantastic set up, cooking, and clean up by
      you & your team. Thanks very much.
      ~ Robert P. – Private Party
    • Thanks again for coordinating the catering at such very short notice.
      Everyone loved the delicious food and had a great time!
      ~Helena C. – Private Party
    • Thank you and your team so much for a fabulous dinner last night.
      Please thank your staff and the wonderful cook. The food was fantastic
      and everyone had a great time. I’m excited to work with you in the future,
      Thanks for walking me through my first event!
      ~Caroline – Private Party
    • Food was delicious and the spread looked great. Thank you.
      ~Gina S. – Private Party
    • Party was lovely. The food was delicious and lovely to look at.
      The service was wonderful, top rate!

      ~Amy L. – Private Party
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